Welcome to La Boheme

La Boheme Magic, an authentic high-end grill restaurant serves premium meat cuts prepared in a range of different ways, including open “scène” rotisserie, grill and charcoal methods, satisfying all meat lovers’ tastes. Guests can experience a taste of the wild side with special fresh game meat carefully prepared to perfectly bring out the taste and tenderness of the meats. The game menu includes roast pheasant, Venison Rack.

The variety of cooking styles are not the only extravaganza of “La Boheme Magic”; there is the opulence of its dessert welcoming stand, the rich range of colourful exotic beverages, the diversity of music styles, the contrast of its decor, and the variety of its lighting bear “témoignage” to the French “La Boheme” era where a range of artistic styles co-existed and flourished alongside one another.

“La Boheme Magic” is also a shisha lounge where guests can relax and unwind with a selection of their favourite exotics flavours.

Dining experience

Enjoy the true taste of the meat with quality and many unique options. We invite you to discover our rotisserie, meat game selection , grill and charcoal methods to satisfy your taste buds. La Bohème Magic is the ideal venue for meatlovers.

The meat is selected and prepared in house by our inspired team to ensure the quality of the meat in your plate.

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